Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Still loving this time of year.  Still listening to Christmas music from sun up 'til sun down.  I think I will absolutely miss everything about Christmas this year.  Usually by this time, I'm ready to put it away.  Not that I'm a scrooge, but all the "stuff" gets to me sooner than later.  But not this year.  I want to never remove our little white lights that illuminate our staircase and keep our Christmas tree standing tall in our family room.  

And I love looking at our Happy Birthday, Jesus signs in our front yard.  I love that everyone who walks past our home knows that we're celebrating His birth.

My parents are coming into town next week and we'll be filling a few orders for these signs.  I thought if any of you would like one (and are within driving distance from us),  we'd be happy to make a few more.  Just an FYI: The sign pictured above is lighter than you will receive.  (I kept the lighter batch).  The new signs will be a deep barn-red color with a scrap of red toile in the corner adorned with holly berries.

They are on sale for $15 and ALL of the money will go into our "can't do cancer without God" account.  It's slowly growing!  And I promise not to spend a dime on the cute navy coat I just saw at Anthropologie yesterday.   (Ed, are you reading this?)

So if you would like one, please email me at  And let this beautiful message grace your front yard too.