Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to Ruthie's Gift.  
Nope, it's not a gift shop -- although I've always wanted one.  
But rather a continuation of my updates throughout this journey called cancer.

Ruthie's Gift was actually my second choice for the name of this blog.  I originally wanted Ruthie's Hope - as it is my hope that this journey that I've shared with all of you has or will bring your walk with God a little closer.  But that name wasn't available.  

So I thought of Ruthie's Gift.  As you know, I've always seen my cancer as a gift.  I know it sounds crazy, but so very true.  This gift, entered as an intruder into my body, but profoundly touched my soul.  It didn't come wrapped in a box with a pretty bow.  Rather, it came in the form of fear that made me reach out to God like I've never done before.  The real gift is the peace and strength He's provided me on this journey.  I hope the gift to you is knowing He will do the same for you on yours.

So as much as I loved sending you my updates, I hated that they were just black words on a white screen.  Not cute!  I had to change that.  So by putting these updates in the form of a blog, I could satisfy my need to photograph beautiful things and share them with you.  Again, a gift.

I will post all of my original updates on another blog for anyone who's new to this one.  You veterans don't need to read them again.     

So if you enjoy reading these updates, please become a follower and leave a comment.  You can do so by clicking on the "follow" and "post a comment" tabs.  Each time I update my blog, I'll notify you by email (just like old times).  Then all you have to do is go to

I pray God uses this blog to draw you closer to Him.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."  -- James 4:8

It's absolutely true.  Enjoy.


  1. when i found out i had cancer (hodgkins disease)
    i was 32 and i was scared. my babies were small, my husband had a drinking problem and i had only been a christian for a few months. it took me almost 2 years to see it as a gift. but i did, and i still do. praise god.

  2. Ruthie:

    You are truly a gift!! It is so amazing that your faith is what drives you and how you look at cancer. The Lord gives us each special gifts just not always in the way we thought. Your gift to many are your words, love, support, hope and expression. You are an amazing gift!!!!!