Saturday, May 26, 2012

Better Than a Bargain...

You know how you make plans and then God changes them around?  That used to irritate me a bit, but now I love it!  

So my sister came out on Wednesday to go with me to chemo on Thursday.  Well, what do sisters do the day before treatment?  They hit a few thrift stores, of course.
 (And by the way, all went well during my first new treatment.  I didn't have an allergic reaction to the new drug and though my hands and feet were numb from ice, I survived).  

So we were planning on her coming out to my house on Wednesday morning after she babysat her grandkids and then we would run to a few thrift stores.  But she got delayed and it didn't happen.  So instead, I was able to spend the morning with a friend also living with cancer -- and boy did she tell me another great story I will share with you one day.  She's the missionary mom I blogged about a few months ago whose doctor told her she was unable to have kids and then 17 years later, she was blessed with three of them.  Her other story also falls into the "I know that I know that God is real" category again.  It's a doozy.

So while I was at her house, my sister called to tell me she was running late.  So instead of meeting my sister, I left my friend's house and went to the mall.  One of my nurses suggested that I shouldn't wear anything tight on my body three days after treatment --  no belt, no bra -- so considering my daily "uniform" is jeans and a t-shirt,  I went to the mall to buy some floral button down shirts that would camaflouge the fact that I'm going braless (don't be jealous ladies-- another perk of cancer!)

So while standing in line at JC Penney (yes, I love shopping there!) I realized the woman standing next to me had a scarf and a hat on her head.  So I tapped her on the arm and asked her if she was going through chemo.  She said she had just finished up and was starting radiation next week.  So I reached into my purse and handed her one of my necklaces.  She said she was a Christian and we gave each other a hug.   

Well, I received an email from her last night and I wanted to share it with you --

Hi Ruthie,
My name is Claire, and we met in JC Penney's on Wednesday, you gave me a necklace at the checkout counter :)  I can't begin to tell you what a blessing it was, and what perfect timing God has.  I needed encouragement and there you were!  And then for the woman in line behind me to tell me she is a 24 year survivor was exactly the reassurance I needed.  God is so good!  I cried when I got outside, full of joy in the knowledge of God's love for us, and His mercy and grace.  Through this journey with cancer I have returned to my first love, my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the blessings he has rained down on me have been incredible.  And now you are another blessing in my life, as God used you to remind me that He is always with me and always caring for my needs.  I went to your blog and read your story, and will be praying for you daily!!
God bless you!! 
Claire :)

So much better than a bargain, huh?

I wanted to share her email with you to again revel in the fact that God will meet us in the most unsuspecting places (JC Penneys!) to reassure us of His love and care for us.  Her email just sums up what God has done for me, and so many of my friends, while He carries us through this thing called cancer.

He just blows me away.  

I just re-ordered all of my supplies last week so my Mom and I can make more necklaces.  And as I hand them out, I'm not always sure how they're received.  
But my job is just to hand them out.  
God will do the rest.

And in case you're wondering, my sister and I did hit a few thrift stores after my treatment.  (A little chemo can't stop that!)  I scored a blue cashmere sweater for $2, a black Ann Taylor sweater for $3, a set of old bread tins for $4, an old set of measuring spoons for $2 and a pile of great books for a quarter each!  

But I'll take Claire's email over a $2 cashmere sweater anyday!



  1. Oh, yes, this is better than a bargin and just proves, once again, how perfect God's timing is in our lives. Love heart warming stories like this. Blessings!

  2. Four years ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It was a looooooong struggle. In the middle of it all a friend had you send us the necklace and a devotion book. Yesterday I ran across my journal I kept and there was a whole page on what a surprise that package was and how it came on a day we were both SO down! I later had you send it to a friend of mine that suddenly came down with cancer....unfortunately she didn't make it, but your package meant so much to her as well. You are doing such a great thing! Glad your new treatment went okay, bra less and all!!!

  3. I hope you are doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.