Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well, we're home.  
And clearly, I'm a suburban girl.  I doubt I could ever live amongst acres of corn fields and be two hours from a Target (Cooperstown), but I KNOW I could never live amongst human beings everywhere (NYC) -- especially sweaty and sticky ones at that.  I kept asking, “Do you smell that?”
  (It was probably me!)  

The first taxi drive to our hotel.  So NOT diggin' it! 
The streets of NYC were exactly what I thought they would be like.  In one word.  Yuck.

But don’t get me wrong.  I’m so glad I went to NY as there were countless memories to behold.  Here are some of my highlights...

* Our first meal in the Fly Creek house we rented.  Our friend Mo made my favorites: salmon, brown rice, caesar salad and chocolate cake.  Nothing like a home-cooked
meal amongst friends, especially when this was our view:

* Coming back 10 runs in the 5th inning of the quarter-finals, only to lose in the final inning.  But, boy, was it exciting!

* Stumbling upon an amazing 109-year-old hotel and having drinks and pretzels out on the veranda in a white rocking chair - just moments before a thunderstorm struck.

* Smuggling the owner's orange cat named Max into our house.  Love me some cats -- especially on vacation!

* Seeing the Statue of Liberty face to face.  

* Standing where the Twin Towers no longer do.  

* Shopping in the cutest antique stores and finding some great treasures.

(My fingers are saying, "I'm shipping two big boxes back home!")

* Walking around Cooperstown and taking in all the old, beautiful homes.  By the way, didn't see one pink hydrangea.  Only white ones.

* Eating the BEST pizza ever in Hoboken, NJ while waiting for the girls to come out of Carlo's Bake Shop.  For all you Cake Boss fans, the cupcakes were yummy! 

The bottom line is that I had six long days in NY and rarely thought about doctor appointments and blood work.  I did, however, praise God for the health and stamina He so richly blessed me with on this vacation, as there was no time to rest!  I think I walked more in these past six days than I have in three months.  But I was praising Him every step of the way.

It was six days of great memories with family and friends...

And P.S.
I gave out two "can't do cancer without God" necklaces.  One to a flight attendant whose sister has bone cancer, and one to a priest in Hoboken.  
Gotta' love it.


  1. Oh, Ruthie, so glad you had such a good trip. I'm with you on the street in NYC, yuck! It's a fun place to visit for sure, but certainly not to call home. Hope you are continuing to feel well. Blessings abundant!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you had a good trip! My sister's son is on a traveling team and also made the trip to NYC last year. Do share as to what you found at the antique stores. I'd love to see what treasures you found.