Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to Rise and Shine...

6:00 am.
This is where you'll find me -- on a perfect day.  
I love when I can set my alarm, actually get out of a warm bed, have a quiet house all to myself for an hour or two, and spend time with God (OK, and start a load of laundry). 

A few years ago, a girlfriend challenged me to begin my day with God.  She woke up at 6 am as did her girlfriend in Georgia.  They invited me to do the same.  

I tried, but just couldn't.  I wanted to, but never did.  

When I stop and think about how grateful I am today, I think how could I not.  I used to rationalize and say, "But I pray in the shower, and in the car, and before bed."  But, between you and me, how much praying did I really do between shampoos, stop signs and sleep?

I find such comfort in beginning my day with the Lord.  I thank Him for another day.  I thank Him for His grace. I thank Him for all that He has blessed me with.  

I also pray for those whose hearts hurt.  Whose bodies hurt.  

And I pray that He uses me that day.  I ask Him to put me where He wants me to be.  To be on His path, not mine.  I ask Him to help me be a better Mom -- especially in the summer!   And to help me be a better Wife.  

I created this special corner in my family room that makes me want to "be still."  I could just sit at the kitchen table or on the couch, but given my personality, I needed it to be just right.  I wanted a cozy chair, a cute table with a lamp and a place for my tea, and a basket for my journal, pens and books.  

And this little corner means so much to me since I was diagnosed with cancer.  The chair was given to me by a friend-of-a-friend who knew I was on the hunt for a glider.  And the cushion was lovingly made by a friend who wanted to bless me with her gift of sewing.  So many people have been so kind to me.  This corner of my room reminds me of that every day.

Remember, I said you'll find me here on a perfect day.  Unfortunately, not all my days are perfect.  Sometimes my body is too tired to get out from under the covers, especially when I have a warm cat or two lying on me.  Sometimes several days slip by.  But, oh, how good it feels to be wrapped up in my robe with the morning sun behind my back and the Bible on my lap.  I know my day will be a better one.  Now, if I can only add a workout to my morning routine, I'd be in good shape.  Literally.

Do you have a special time and place to "be still"? 
 I challenge you to do the same.

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