Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Special Time...

Summer vacation is upon us.  Two and a half more days until my kids are no longer second and fourth graders.  I keep reminding them, "This is your last weekend as a second grader.  This is the last Monday night as a fourth grader."

 Since my kids have entered elementary school, I always find myself quite sad during the month of June.  It's just another reminder to me that my kids are growing up. And sooner than later, our summers won't be just the three of us at our community pool eating Doritos.  One day soon it will be just me eating Doritos while they're at the beach with their friends. (Actually, I'll be eating Smart Puffs).

So as I was driving to Target this morning, I was listening to Focus on the Family.  The topic was empty nesters.  Two moms were discussing how painful it is when your child packs up their bedroom and drives away.  I found myself starting to cry along with them as they reminisced about those painful days.

So come this summer, I need to remind myself to not come unglued when I hear at 9 am on the first day of summer vacation, "I'm bored.  We live in a boring house." (Please use your most whiniest voice here).

I need to be thankful that, yep, we do live in a boring house at times.  The operative word being "we."  I need to embrace those summer moments that we take for granted too often.  I want to watch how my kids hold an ice cream cone.  Do they lick from side to side or up and down?  I want to take pictures of their sandy toes at the beach.  For those of you who know me well, you know that just getting me to the beach will be a feat.   I think I'm the only girl I know who can't stand the thought of sand on my body.  Especially on the way home, when my toes and ankles are encrusted with the stuff.  Ugh. But this year I'm going -- camera in hand and Uggs on my feet.

So to all you Moms who look forward to putting away the backpacks and lunch boxes, here's to a summer filled with sandy toes and memories of "we."

I thank God for allowing me to be here to enjoy this summer vacation.  


  1. It gets harder and harder, but I try each summer to go to the beach every other week. me, the boys and their friends... how ever many we can fit in the SUV! I love the giggles & the anticipation of what they will do when the get there and the serenity the beach holds... the sounds, sights, books, pictures...all of it. Hope you have wonderful beach trips filled with many memories.

  2. Well, it took me awhile, but I finally got a chance to sit down and read the blogs. They are beautiful and inspiring. Here is to a "we" summer. We head off on vacation for a few weeks then we're back. I look forward to eating Smartpuffs!
    Jen Barber