Friday, September 10, 2010

Five Important Words...

Well, as many of you know by now, I see my cancer as a gift.  I also recognize that God made me crafty.  So put those two things together, and my heart leaps for joy!   
Soon after I was diagnosed, the phrase “can’t do cancer without God” flooded my mind.     I pictured it on a t-shirt.  I saw chocolate brown words, a few "scrolly" things in pale pink and pale blue, and a beautiful, yet simple cross standing above the words.  

  I couldn’t wait to wear it.  I wanted everyone who saw me to know that God is my foundation through this cancer thing.  My dream came true a few weeks ago after my talented friend Bethany designed my vision.  Perfectly.  (Thank you, Bethany!)  
Well, the only bummer about the t-shirt is that I can’t wear it every day.  So I set my sights on creating a necklace I could wear every day.   And then, knowing me, I knew I would want to make more so others could wear them too.  
The first time I wore my “can’t do cancer without God” necklace to my kids’ school, I stopped and talked to a friend.  She mentioned she was going down to the City of Hope to see her friend’s 5-year-old daughter who had just had surgery following brain cancer.   I’m sure we all agree that the words “brain cancer” and “5-year-old” should not be in the same sentence.  So I took off my necklace and handed it to her to give to the little girl.  “This is my plan,” I thought to myself as I walked away.  “To share God’s name with those facing cancer.”
The following day, my girlfriend and I had a “This and That Sale” to clean out our garages and make a little money.  As we were pricing the items, I asked my girlfriend Kari what she was going to do with the money she made.   “I’m going to give you all of my money so you can continue to send out your books and make your necklaces,” she said.  My heart melted at her kindness.
So the next morning, several friends came over and shopped.  To my surprise, we made over $600 in three hours.  Each and every dime we made will go to giving these gifts to children and women with cancer.   
So help me spend my money!  If you know of anyone who you think would enjoy receiving the Praying Through Cancer book or “can’t do cancer without God” necklace, please let me know.   Email me at and leave their name and address.   And if you run into me at school or Von's and notice I'm wearing one, ask for it.   I would love to give you the one I'm wearing.  In fact, I wear one in hopes of taking it off and sharing it with someone.  I do it almost every day.
I thought my crafty days were over.  Knowing my hands and heart are now working for God, 
I hope they’ve just begun.
You’ll notice that there’s a new link on my blog to the web site  This is a great company that prints logos on to everything you can imagine.  I made my t-shirt and tote bag here.  And 10% of every item you make with my phrase “can’t do cancer without God” is given back to me which I will then spend at Pottery Barn -- no I’m kidding -- but will go into my little cancer fund so I can continue making more necklaces and sending out more books.  

From the beginning, you were all a part of my healing.  Now together, we can help others heal too. 
And share the phrase "can't do cancer without God."


  1. HI Ruthie, it's Sherilyn (Robin's neighbor). Just wanted to suggest an Etsy shop for your creative endeavors...because I hope you won't just stop at 2 items. These are wonderful ideas! :) You are a gifted girl.

    Often enough there are a lot of sellers on Etsy who sell purely for charity too, so that might be an option for you as well.

    I would be happy to help you with any info regarding this, if you decide to go for it. :) You're pretty savvy, so you would probably need NO help, but I'm here if you want it. It's simple, and free.

    OBTW I LOVE those brown boots you just bought!! :) Walk with a light heart!

    Love, Sherilyn

  2. Oops! 3 items! sorry I didn't count the cute T-shirt in this. :)