Monday, March 14, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Not me!  I woke up this morning to learn that I was not chosen as one of the winners of the She Speaks scholarships.  There were about 300 women who entered, and I look forward to reading the winning entries tonight.   I am truly happy for them.  I sound like I just lost the Academy Award.

Though that contest is closed, there's another one that's open for a speaking scholarship.  That one is a little scarier for me to enter, considering I've only spoken twice so far.   But then I thought it would be such an amazing opportunity to learn from other Christian women who have so much to teach.  So I began writing my story as to why I should be selected to win that scholarship.  Right before I entered, I went onto the website and began reading other applicants' stories.  And it was then that I decided not to enter.  One woman had to sell her tractor to begin her ministry and another's husband has been out of work for a year and a half.   Clearly, there's many women who need to win a scholarship to attend the conference.  So with that realization, I will continue to pray for God's direction.

But this morning's loss was a great lesson for all of us.  It brought up God's will versus our desires.  And we talked about that.  Tonight as I was putting my daughter to bed, she prayed, "And thank you God that Mommy didn't win the contest because you know what's best for her."  

And I'll take those sweet words of wisdom over a scholarship any day!  

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  1. Awwww...Sometimes, God's sweetest blessings are hidden in our disappointments. How beautiful, that at such a young age, your daughter understands God's love can been found in "no". (Can you please thank her for reminding me of that, too?) Sounds like you (and your entire family) were winners, after all. :o)

    Praying God will continue to lead you...