Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Year Ago...

It just dawned on me that my one-year anniversary of being chemo free came and went a few days ago.  I love that it slipped my mind.  
I love that I was too busy to notice.  

My life, post cancer, is what I always hoped it would be.  
A life filled with joy. 
 A life in which very little slips by without much appreciation.  
A life that’s, in all honesty, too good to be true.   
This too-good-to-be-true life comes with horrifically curly hair, 
periodic cat scans 
and some nasty scars.  
But more importantly,
 it comes with an indescribable sense of peace.  
And peace trumps horrifically curly hair any day!
Thank you for carrying me through this trial.
Thank you for your indescribable peace.  
Thank you for the best year of my life.


  1. I love this post! Well I love ALL your posts... :)



  2. Talk about a reason to CELEBRATE! But, then, everyday is a day to CELEBRATE! What a testimony you are to our Risen Savior! Easter blessings!