Friday, May 13, 2011

Right Before My Eyes...

Well, a little piece of me is sad today.  No, don't worry -- I’m healthy!  All is well.   But...  
Right before my eyes this week, my little boy grew up.  The little boy who used to be strapped into a denim car seat,  then moved into a big-boy booster and then sat snug beneath a seatbelt in the back seat of my car has now joined me in the front seat of my car.   
Oh, I know most of his friends have looked out of the front windshield for awhile now.  But this safety-sadie mom has tried to keep her one and only son safely tucked behind her for as long as she could.  Our pediatrician recently told me that it’s safe for him to sit beside me if he’s over 80 pounds (he is) although she reminded me that the backseat is always safer than the front.  
But as I walked back to my car after picking up my daughter and her friend from school, I found my son sitting in the front seat.  With a grin on his face that said,
I think I’m ready.  
As I met his grin with a quiet smile, he quickly rolled down the window and rested his right arm on the ledge.  His posture whispering, I have arrived.   And before I could start the car, his fingers had already reached for the stereo knob.  And the volume button.  What is it with kids and loud, obnoxious music?  Why don't they want to crank up the volume and listen to Dr. Dobson?

That sweet little boy who drank from an Elmo sippy cup behind me and counted "power rangers" (cyclists in colorful outfits) from the back window is quickly turning into a young man.  
Later that night, we had to jump in the car and run to church.  I could have bet my new set of Ballard curtains that he would have sat in the front seat.  Again.  But he opened up the back door and settled in next to his sister.  Probably out of habit. 
I love old habits.


  1. Awe, I hate to tell you but more and more things like this will happen and one day you will turn around and he'll be gone. Oh, it hurts, but it's a good thing and you will adjust and find a new normal. But, for now, just ENJOY!

  2. So adorable!!! Enjoy it now. Having that little boy sitting on the passenger side of the front seat is one thing... just wait until you have to switch places with him. You won't be thinking "how sweet...where did my little boy go"... you will be praying, "Please Lord, let me live!"

    Words of wisdom from a mom that is living through her THIRD teenage driver. Keeps your prayer life active, that's for sure :)

  3. Ruthie - you are a sweetheart, you know that? I read your comment on my blog the other day and thought, "This gal's got the love of God just flowing through her!" Your life story is just amazing and is a true testimony of God's grace and transcending peace. ♥ Debbie's beautiful blog is She would absolutely love to hear from you and I'm sure she would love one of your wonderful necklaces. :) Tell her I sent you! Bless you, girlie - and keep witnessing the way you do. You are a blessing! ♥ Oh, and I just adore your sweet blog! You lift my spirits and refocus me. :)

    xoxo laurie