Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OK, Really?

So my prayer for the last two years has been, 
"Lord, put me on Your path.  
Not mine."

My new prayer, with a twist is, "Lord, put me on Your path, not mine, and surprise the hell out of me!"  
(Sorry for the cursing, but I want you to get the full effect!)

Well, has He ever.

Notice I used the photo of my favorite chalkboard that hangs at the top of our staircase.  
(An indication that this post won't be all about cancer.)  
We need a little break from that topic, don't you think?

Well, I received a phone call this afternoon from a photographer who shoots for several national magazines.  My name and number were given to her by a friend of mine.  She called to say she wants to shoot our house and submit it to a few editors she works with.  For publication.

OK, really?

Before cancer entered my life, I would have dropped dead from a heart spasm or two upon hearing this news.  A dream come true!  I hate to admit it, but I've always thought it would be cool to see our house in a magazine.  Then cancer entered my life, and my priorities shifted around a bit.  OK, a lot.  I now try really hard not to worry about having a perfect home anymore.  I now let my husband leave his baseball hat on the banister for a whole week or so.  OK, two days.  I try not to get too uptight when all my kids' shoes aren't put in the cute Pottery Barn baskets I've conveniently placed by the front door.  OK, sometimes I do lose it, but I'm trying to teach them to clean up after themselves.  A quality, I tell them,  their future roommates and spouses will really appreciate.

So I didn't flip out upon hearing this news.  I simply bowed my head and said, "Lord, thank you.  You know me so well.  You know my heart's desires.  And amidst cancer and juicing vegetables all day, you continue to love me and treat me to something that melts my heart."

Before cancer, this news would have been the end-all-be-all news of my life.  
(I was so out of balance!)  But now, I see it simply as a gift from God.  

Want to hear how this happened?
Last weekend, I popped into one of my favorite stores 
while Ed and the kids went over to my in-laws to drop something off.
I was talking to my friend Kym, the owner of this stunning store, and she was kind enough to tell me that she thinks I should write a book.  I told her that God hasn't placed upon my heart a desire to do that yet.  (Right up there with having our home in a magazine,  is being a real writer).  So she asked if she could give my number to a friend of hers who is a photographer.  I said sure, and thought nothing of it.  Four days later, the photographer calls and is coming over this Sunday for a photo shoot.  Ok, really?

"Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desires."
Psalms 37:4

So I thank God that I have no symptoms and lots of energy.  I'll buy a few English ivys, a few sunflowers and clean the place up a bit.  But more importantly, I look forward to showcasing my love for the Lord throughout every nook and cranny of our home.  

What are the desires of your heart?  
Can I tell you a little secret?
Submit your life fully to Him, as hard as it is to do, 
and he will surprise the hell heck out of you!  
Watch and see.


  1. Shut up. Okay number 1 -- your house! Girl! How cool!!! Enjoy and soak up every second!!
    Number 2 -- you are freinds with Kym! And you get to live near A Beautiful Mess! Shut up!!!!!!

    Okay Lord, here is where You need to reign in the jealousy! ;)

    Ruthie! I am SOOOOOOO happy for you!!!


  2. How very exciting! I love happenings such as this and they are such a testimony to God's faithfulness and always doing exceedingly more than we ask. Why do we ever doubt Him? Reading this brought a smile to my heart and face this evening. Enjoy! Enjoy! yourself!

  3. So happy for you. I used to love surprises that told me, "Even though it feels like it right now, your life is not just about cancer." Can't wait to see your home in print!

  4. There is nothing like an illness to help put life in perspective. That being said congratulations on your magazine feature. I just looked at the photos of your home on The Old Painted Cottage, your home is gorgeous. I wish you good health and may all your dreams your true.

  5. I also saw your home on Old Painted Cottage. I have never gone to one of the blogs from the tours until now. Something drew me here. The warmness of your home maybe. I will pray for you. I am a cancer survivor. I was also only 39 when diagnosed. I have a good friend that just went through some really rough treatment for ovarian cancer. He is rebounding at the moment and doing well. I'll hang around and follow you so I can cheer you on. ((((((HUGS)))))

  6. Just saw your home in The Cottage of the Month!!!FABULOUS:) Love how you use green in all of the rooms and your use of baskets in the cupboards. So much prettiness! I am your newest follower. How can I not be;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. P.S. I am praying for you with your bout with cancer. Prayers always help. Hang in there. Send you hugs too:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. saw your house on cottage of the month. How lovely. And that led me to your blog and now I am praying for you and your family. Strength. Peace.