Friday, November 16, 2012

A Divine Appointment...

Nothing better than witnessing something that again assures me that our Lord is alive and well.  

Case in point: 
His Flower Girls Class No. 7.

I'll do my best to share this story from yesterday's class with you.

So the night before our seventh class, three girls cancelled.  One had a sinus infection, one had sick kids, and one had a fever.  Because we only hold these classes once a month, it bothered Donna and I that three seats would go unfilled.  So we started making a few phone calls.  Not much luck at 9 o'clock at night.  You women are busy on Thursdays!

Yesterday morning before the class, one of my friends who was coming asked if she could invite someone.  I said absolutely.  She asked me to email her the invitation so she could email it to her friend.

When Donna arrived, we chatted about the class being small this month.  Donna said, "Don't think it matters.  I bet you this will be an amazing class."

Uh, she was right.

As we were all seated in the family room, Joy (our fourth student) arrived.  As she put her purse down, she went to grab her Bible.  Donna told her, "Oh, you won't need that.  Just grab your camera if you have one.  You might want to take pictures."  I saw the look on Joy's face that said, "What?  What will I be taking pictures of?  What are we doing here today?"

So let me give you a little background.

Joy woke up yesterday morning.  During her quiet time with God, she thanked Him for bringing Melinda into her life (our third student who invited her).  She asked God to allow her to find some time to spend with Melinda.  Just then the phone rang.  Melinda (out of the blue) calls Joy to ask her if she'd like to join her at a friend's house for a few hours.  She said something like, "Come with me for some fellowship with some great ladies and have lunch."

Well, Joy jumped at the chance because all she really wanted to do was spend some time with Melinda.   

As we began our class, I noticed that while I was sharing how grateful I am that God is using my passion for Him and my love for decorating with others, that Joy reached for a Kleenex.  A few hours later, while Teri was speaking about how she loves to help women organize and decorate their homes so that they too can open up their homes to others, Joy was again moved to tears.  

She then explained to us that she had been on her knees that morning right before Melinda's call asking the Lord to help her 
transform her home.  She wanted to be able to feel comfortable opening it up and having people over.  To lead Bible studies.  To share her faith.  But this is something she has prayed long and hard for -- with no answer. 
Until yesterday.

Here's a snippet from the email I received from Joy this morning:

"God divinely planned this day...Nov 15th, 2012... for me to be in your HOME!  I have never been so inspired and "blown away" by God's way of answering my heart's prayer for Him to provide for me to begin transforming my home. (I prayed literally crying out to Him at 8:20 am for Him to please SEND help soon!)

He orchestrated every detail of this day for me to be at your home (without me even knowing what was to take place -- a decorating class!)  And then while at your home, he literally sent to me the help I've been praying for -- Teri! Even though I had never met her before, I had to give her a hug right away when I saw her out of gratitude to God for the gift of sending her in answer to my prayers."

Ok.  A few more tidbits of info:

1.  I had forgotten to invite Teri to our class.  Even though she's a regular now, I had forgotten to mention it to her.  Chemo brain + age = bad memory.   She was already scheduled to work with a new client, but was able to change it at the last minute and pop in just long enough to teach and serve us tea.

2.  Joy never received the email/invitation that I had forwarded to my friend that morning so she could forward it to her.  She had no idea she was walking into a decorating class!

3.  Another woman had popped in to our class, even though she had already attended a previous one.  Funny thing, though, is that Teri wasn't a part of our class back then and had never met her before. But tears flowed as this woman spoke honestly about needing Teri's help to de-clutter parts of her beautiful home.  Again, another divine appointment.

So as my partner Donna said before the class began, "This one's gonna be a good one."  
She was spot on.

As the last girl left and the door was closed behind her, I looked at Donna and said, "I need a nap."  We both agreed that we were emotionally drained from seeing God's handiwork unfold in my family room.  

And I share this story with y'all (hee hee!) to again remind you that the God of our universe hears and answers prayer.  He may not move immediately.  He's not a genie in a bottle.  But as you spend more time with Him, and give Him your heart and ask for His will to be done in your life, you will be blown away by His handiwork.  He orchestrates details to utter perfection.  
That's His gift -- just one of many.

And look how He answered a cry for help regarding a house.  To help decorate it, for organizational help.  You may not even think to ask for prayer for such a thing.  But Joy did.  

Bring every care of yours to Him.  Find the time to say, "Lord, I give this burden to You.  I need your help.  I know I can trust You.  Always.  Help me with this.  I don't want to do it by myself anymore.  Help me find quiet time every day to be with You.  To share my fears, my anxieties and my worries with You.  For in exchange, you will give me peace that surpasses all understanding.  And in my quiet time, I will be able to hear and follow you. 

 In Jesus' name, Amen."

Answer to prayer trumps a good decorating class anyday!
However, let us know if you'd like to join us.  We'd love, love, love to have you!

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  1. Oh, Ruthie, what an awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Love hearing how God works in the lives of His people.

    And, Ruthie, my friends got the necklaces and were thrilled too death. Thank you so much! My friend, Martha, is really struggling right now. She is in the hospital with fluid continually building up around her lungs and her breathing is so labored. Things do not look good at all and she is fighting for her life. It breaks my heart and I pray for God's mercy over her.

    Blessings to you and may you and yours have a
    wonderful Thanksgiving!