Monday, November 26, 2012

Because of a License Plate!

Well, can I just tell you that I am glowing.  Yes, glowing!  I can actually feel the heat coming off of my face!  

While I was standing in line today at Goodwill (where else!) buying a 99-cent quilted pillow sham to hopefully turn into a Christmas stocking one day, I checked my email.  And to my shock, I began reading an email from a photo editor at Angels on Earth Magazine (a Guideposts publication).  

"We are featuring your story called My License Plate Says It All for the March/April issue.  To help illustrate the story, we would like to publish a photo of the current license plate on the back of your car."  

Oh. My. Lord!  I felt the glow begin immediately!  
(And the people around me probably thought it was because I scored a quilted pillow sham for less than a buck!  Oh, no it wasn't!)

I wrote an article over five years ago about my love of (ok, obsession with) personalized license plates.  And about a year after finding out I had cancer, I ordered a new one.  I recently found the original article I wrote and changed the ending to include my new new diagnosis and my new license plate.  Soon after I re-wrote it, I gave it to my friend Teri to read.  She then gave it to her sister Shelly to read (whom I had never met).  Shelly was taking Teri's boys to the beach to surf.  While there, she called to tell me that she had sat on the beach, reading and re-reading the article several times.  Apparently, she really liked it. 

So a few hours later, I thought, if she liked it that much, maybe it's time to re-submit it to Guideposts Magazine -- one of my favorite magazines on the planet (filled with inspirational stories).  So on September 26 (exactly two months ago today), I hit "send" on my computer.  

So now a little back story.  

 Teri just dropped by my house tonight to pick up her daughter.  I stopped writing this post to answer the door and to tell her the good news.  She reminded me (with a big smile on her face) how much her sister had loved reading it.  That her sister had never come out before to spend the night at her house and to take her kids surfing.  And that the only thing she grabbed to read while watching them surf was my article.  
Funny how God works out all the details, isn't it?  
God used Shelly to encourage me.  Without her enthusiasm, I doubt I would have ever sent it.

As some of you know, I studied journalism in college.  I longed to be a writer.  A published writer.  I've submitted many articles over the years only to receive the "we're not interested at this time" rejection letter.  So when so many of you sweet people encourage me by saying, "You should write a book," I think, "No, I probably shouldn't.  I can't even get an article published." 

But I continue to leave all of my dreams in His hands.  And I love waiting to see what He has in store for me.

So, to prove that I love personalized license plates, I thought I'd share with you my collection of inspiring license plates I've seen around town.   I love those that say to the world, "I love the Lord so much, I'll put it on my license plate!"  

So here's just a few.  Disclaimer:  I don't know who these plates belong to.  I've just taken photos of those that have caught both my eye and my heart while walking through a parking lot.  I think I know what they say.  Let's see if you agree...

Forever God

   Jesus Rocks
 (and apparently the Cowboys do too!)

Five Love Him
(make that six!)

Alive in Jesus Christ?

God Rocks
 (think they know the Cowboy fans?)

Worship Him

God's for You

He Loves to Praise?

Jesus Christ, our King?

You are Loved
(so very, very true)

Well, if any of these look familiar, please let me know who they belong to.  I'd love to know!  

Re-dedicating my life to the Lord has made me see things quite differently now.  All I do is for Him.  Including sharing my love for Him on my license plate.  I love to sit at a red light, look in my rear view mirror and watch someone's mouth slowly sounding out the words, "use your gift."

I hope it encourages everyone to do just that.

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  1. Congratulations. I love personalized plates too. SOmetimes it obseses me trying to figure out what they say while the car is still in sight.