Friday, April 20, 2012


When I began speaking after my first cancer diagnosis, I never spoke to rooms filled with cancer patients.  But rather, I spoke to rooms filled with moms.   And I told them that God had given me peace throughout this journey.   That He extended His hand out to mine.  That he carried me in His arms.   That I wasn't doing this thing called cancer alone.   And they got it.  Not because they had cancer, but because they too were on their own journey.  Maybe a divorce.  Maybe a tough marriage.  Maybe the loss of a job.  Maybe the loss of a child.  
A journey's a journey.  Cancer or not.

I have a friend named Amy who has cancer.   God introduced us last year in the parking lot of our church.  I never, repeat never, park in a particular section of the parking lot.  But I did on this day.  Coincidence?  I think not.

She too emails her family and friends about her journey.   And right now, it's up hill.   And though her body may be frail from fighting this fight, her spirit is not.  I wanted you to read the last paragraph of her most recent email to all of us.

"You know me, I must preach a little.  Jesus is worthy of all praise, glory and honor.  I am 'mad as a hornet' at cancer, but I still know He will use it for more than I ask or imagine.  In the midst of the pain, He comforts.  In the midst of confusion, He guides.  When I can not, He can.  When doctors are powerless, He heals.  When all seems hopeless, my hope is in the LORD!  Cancer is cruel, but God is not.  He IS my life, and I am thankful He is giving me this opportunity to know Him more."


She's not focusing on her circumstances.  Though she could.  She's focused on Him.  Despite everything.

I share this email with all of you knowing most of you don't have cancer.  But maybe, right now, you're battling something else.
 Regardless, Amy's words apply.  
Despite our storm, He is our umbrella.  

Amy lives in Newbury Park and has two little ones under the age of 4.   If you ever find yourself wanting to reach out to someone, but don't know who or how, I encourage you to bless this mom with yourself.   Remember, you are a gift to others!  Your time, your talents, your mercy.   Her last email spoke of needing rides and household help.  And prayer.  Amy loves prayer.   Her email can be found at under Amy's Village.   Or email me, and I'll forward it on to her.

I bought a picture frame today.  
Amy's words are going in it.  


  1. Wow! Shame on me for focusing own ME & not God! Amy sounds amazing & reminds me of you :) Your blog has been such an inspiration to me during a trial I am going through. A trial, that in all honesty, is NOTHING compared to what you & Amy are going through. Know that I am praying for you!

    1. Hi, Kim. A trial is a trial, cancer or not. Thank you for your kind words and more importantly, thank you for your prayers!

  2. I just found your blog and I am so blessed by reading it. Hugs, Rachel

  3. Rachel (my daughter's name!),
    Welcome. So glad you found me! Thank you for your kind words.