Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter...


I’ve been wondering how I was going to wish all of you a Happy Easter this year.  Well, after going to the doctor’s office this afternoon, now I know how.
While in the waiting room, I was reading an article about Jesus in Newsweek.  When I read this sentence, I knew I wanted all of you to read it too.
“Jesus never defended his innocence at trial, never resisted his crucifixion, and even turned to those nailing his hands to the wood on the cross and forgave them, and loved them.”
And loved them.
Loved them for forging nails into his body.  
And then into a cross.  
And loved them.
I want my kids to get that.  Really get that.  After breakfast tomorrow morning, I want to take them out into the backyard and talk about what Good Friday really means.   When I asked them today why they have tomorrow off from school, I got the standard, “because Jesus died on the cross and arose three days later.”  And then I got, “Are we having an Easter egg hunt this year?”
But before the Easter egg hunt, I want them to quietly think about the Jesus we love.  And serve.  And to think about what He did for us.  I want them to close their eyes.  And see Jesus there.   Looking at the men who were driving nails into his feet and hands.   And forgiving them.  And loving them.  
For us.  
For all of us.
May your Good Friday and Easter morning be filled with more than just Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits.
May it also be filled with immense gratitude.  
Happy Easter to all of you!

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  1. Yes. Yes. Beautiful ... I am grateful with you for our Jesus! :) And I am grateful for you Ruthie! May you and your family have a blessed and delightful Easter celebration! He has risen indeed!

    Love and hugs and blessings galore,