Monday, April 30, 2012

A Gift Idea for 50% Off!

About three years ago, the words "can't do cancer without God" came into my mind soon after my diagnosis.  And once those words landed in my brain, I couldn't get them out.  
So I had a t-shirt made. 

I made several for me and have given several away as gifts.  I had asked a talented girlfriend of mine to make the image for me (thanks, Bethany!) and then I put it on Zazzle (an on-line company that makes personalized items).  I just recently added the Zazzle link back on the home page of my blog and saw that a t-shirt sold this morning.

Once on their site, I saw that Zazzle is offering a 50% discount in honor of Mother's Day.  But it expires today.  I just ordered a tank top and with shipping, it cost me $14.  And if your order is over $50, your shipping is free too (use their shipping code).

So if your sweet mom is living with cancer or you've been trying to think of a way to bless a girlfriend or sister with the same diagnosis, maybe consider getting them a t-shirt or tote bag for Mother's Day.  Click here to order by today to receive the discount:

In addition, please remember that my Mom and I make the "can't do cancer without God" bottle cap necklaces and send them (for free) to anyone who would like one (see the photo to the left?).  Just email me your friend or relative's name and address and a necklace will be in the mail for them asap.  

In case you don't know (because I don't), Mother's Day is May 13th (I just had to look on my calendar).   And I just noticed something -- how nice of my son's baseball league to schedule a game on Mother's Day at 8:30 am.  8:30 A.M.!  Clearly, Dads run this league, not Moms.  Guess I won't be sleeping in 'til noon that day!  Wait, when have I ever done that?  1985 I think.  

Happy early Mother's Day!

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  1. Oh, love the shirt and may have to run over to the website and order one for my friend battling breast cancer. Happy week!