Friday, September 28, 2012

Be Still...

So a few months back, my husband and I were having dinner with friends.  The question was asked, “What living person would you most love to have dinner with?”

Well, given my very bad memory (despite chemo), I can’t remember any of the names that were mentioned that night.  But I do remember who I said I wanted to have dinner with.

“Charles Stanley.”  

Given that our friends are Jewish, they both said, “Who?”  Some hot guy in a band, a gorgeous actor?  Nope.  Just an old pastor out of Georgia who I’ve loved for some time now.  You can catch him on tv and he’s on the radio every morning at 9:30.  I try and stay home ‘til he’s done preaching, or I’ll sit in my car til 10 a.m. in a parking lot.  I just love the guy.

So this morning’s message is something I want to share with all of you.

He spoke about “being still” -- my motto for the past five years of my life.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  (Psalm 46:10) He broke down that succinct scripture beautifully in 22 minutes.   As only he can do.  I love when he says in his Southern drawl, “Now watch this...”  Oh, I’m watchin’, Charles!  (Does anyone call him Chuck, I wonder?)  I doubt it.  

But if any of you wonder how a mom with cancer can see this  as a gift, then I thought by hearing his message, it may help you figure me out a little better.  Most importantly, it may help you ride out a storm in your own life with peace that surpasses all understanding.  Got 22 minutes?  I so hope so!

So here’s his link:  
  When you get there, click on Radio.  Then click on Radio Archives.  Then click on today’s broadcast, 
                    “Confidence in the Midst of Distress.”

And just to let you know, Donna, Rachel and I are headed to Georgia in two weeks.  The girl (me) who has issues with flying, just booked 4 flights to and from Georgia (notice I didn’t say direct flights!) to spend a week with Donna’s family and friends.  And guess who cannot wait to sit in church and listen to Charles Stanley speak?  Me! Me! Me!  Donna texted me last Sunday and wrote, “Guess who turned 80 today!?”  And I said, “He better not die or retire by next month, or I’m gonna’ kill him!”

So please find 22 minutes to be still today or tonight.  Then  listen to his beautiful message about truly being still...

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