Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nancy's So Not Normal Story...

OK, do I have a story for you!  
Today we hosted our ninth His Flower Girls class.  Loved it!  I love all of our classes.  Great group of women.  So cute, so fun, so in love with the Lord.

Well, I sat next to my new friend Nancy at lunch.  She started telling me a story, that I KNEW I had to share with all of you.  Had I kept it to myself, I would be committing a crime.  And let me preface this story by saying that if I hadn't heard it directly from Nancy, I wouldn't have believed it.   It's just not normal.  But then again, God is in the business of blowing normal right out of the water.  So without further ado, I give you "Nancy's So Not Normal Story"...

Nancy was telling me about a woman who started a ministry.  She basically held a retreat in a home and talked about all things relating to the home.  (My kind of gal).  

Well, the retreat was only open to eight women.  Nancy was one of them.  She soon found out that she had to share a bedroom with another girl.  So as they started unpacking, Nancy took from her suitcase a framed photo of her husband and a framed photo of her kids and put them on the nightstand beside her bed.  (Kinda feel a tad bit guilty that I don't travel with photos of my husband and my kids!  Do you guys?) Anyway, as her roommate looked at the photos, Nancy noticed the woman's face looked a little "weird" when she saw her husband's photo.  But she said nothing and neither did Nancy.

A little bit later, the woman says to Nancy, "You know, I need to tell you something.  About four years ago, as I was sitting at home, I felt God tell me to pray for Hollywood.  You know, actors in Hollywood.  I then turned on the t.v. and the first person's face I saw was your husband's.  (Nancy's husband is an actor).  So I prayed for him that night.  And I always wondered why God had me do that."

OK.  Really?  Hello?  Not normal!  
Nancy proceeds to tell me that at that time, her marriage was spiralling out of control and she was praying for her husband as his faith was anything but strong at that time.  To think that God had used this woman (in Canada!) to turn on the t.v. one random night and pray for the first face she saw (Nancy's husband is actor Richard T. Jones and was on Judging Amy at that time) and then have this woman, FOUR YEARS LATER, at a random home ministry thing, share a room with Richard's wife, is just  ... CRAZY! 

Nancy called Richard, told him the story and gave the phone to Richard to speak to the woman.  Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Unbelievable!  So not normal!

Three things I took away from this story.

1.  God blows me away.  Totally.

2. We've got to listen to His voice the moment we hear it.  And be obedient to His call.

3.  He is alive and working even when we haven't a clue that He is.   

And to think us girls are just getting together to talk about decorating!  Ha!  
God's got bigger plans than that.  I believe He's using our love for decorating to share His love with us.  

And a big P.S.: Today, Nancy and her husband have a beautifully restored marriage.  And when Richard isn't acting, he's preaching.
The End. 

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