Friday, September 30, 2011

Following Where He Leads...

"Thank you for your healing.  Thank you for your guidance."  That's what I've been saying to God this week.  

Even though I feel God has put His healing hand upon me, I also feel there's another component to my healing.  
When I received my second diagnosis, I knew the word "food" was going to play a big role in my recovery.  

As I felt lead away from doing chemo this time, I was beginning to understand how a plant-based diet was instrumental in our health.  Within these last two weeks, so many doors have opened for me to learn about a raw diet.  What is a raw diet? Uncooked hamburgers and raw french fries?  Nope.  
Just God's foods. Plain and simple.
Fruits and vegetables and grains and nuts.  You know, all the things we think we should be eating, but aren't.
 I have come to undertstand how vital they are to our health.

So long story short, after much prayer, I feel God has lead me to find the Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment near Chicago.  What is one of their key lines of defense against cancer, you ask? Nutrition.  My kind of place, wouldn't you say?  It's been around for 30 years.  Who knew?

So off to Chicago we go.  In a plane.  All four of us.  My husband's from Illinois and our kids have never been there.  So given that it should be stunning in the fall (my favorite season!), we'll combine a little bit of knowledge with a little bit of fun.  My husband's aunt and uncle live about an hour away from the center and they have eight cats and a shetland sheep dog.  That should be the highlight of the trip for me and Rachel!

This past week has been great. 
 I have carved out time just for God.  No running around to my favorite, cute antique stores to get my fix. 
 (Fix no longer needed).  

Just time listening for His voice.  
Sensing His direction.  
Memorizing scripture (or trying to!)
And feeling His peace.  
There's no place I'd rather be.

It's a shame that a cancer diagnosis brings me here, isn't it?  
I don't ever want to leave.  Leave behind the cancer diagnosis?  In a heart beat.  Leave behind time alone with Him?  Never.
The first time around, I was really good at making God first in my life.  And then a funny, little thing happens.  You begin to feel healthy and strong (kind of back to normal) and then you venture out into a busy life again.  I aim never to do that again.
At the end of a busy day, you're tired.  But you were able to cross everything off your list.  Big whoop.
In the scheme of things, not important to me anymore.
Don't get me wrong.  Basic things still need to get done around my house.  But I always seemed to get a few more things added to my list that had everything to do with me, and nothin' at all to do with Him.  

So, I continue to give my decision of going to the Block Center to God.  I told my husband that if I feel God is leading me away from it, then we'll cancel my appointment.  He says fine.  But he still wants to take the kids and show them Chicago.    
I like his thinking.

I'll leave you guys the link to the Block Center.  Anyone living with cancer or in remission from cancer (or anyone who wants their body to be at its healthiest!), should click on their site and read a few of their articles.  
So common sense.  So informative.  So good.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging emails.
Now go eat a salad with more vegetables than lettuce and throw some sunflower seeds on it!


  1. I encourage you 200% to embark on the raw/plant-based diet.

    Cancer or not -- it's a FABULOUS way to eat/live. Since the 1st of the year,
    I've acquainted myself with Chris Carr - of "Crazy, Sexy Cancer" documentary fame -- and learned so much. I've fairly drastically changed my eating habits and I won't go back.

    Did you know that it was only after Noah & his family disembarked from the ark and began to put feet to dry land, that God told them to go ahead and eat meat/flesh? He made a pronouncement in Genesis (8 or 9?) that they could now eat of the animals and that forevermore, He would make the animals to fear man...

    Interesting... for allllll those hundreds of years until the flood, everyone ate a plant-based diet. And you KNOW how long they lived!! Noah was 600 when he built the ark! :)

    The web is just teeming with fabulous help and recipes to get you going on your way to weaning your family off the SAD diet (standard American diet) and onto a plant-based diet.

    So excited about your trip to Chicago! Pics please!! :)

  2. Oh, Ruthie, may the Lord hold His mighty hand over you in these days. I think you have made a wise decision for sure. I have never heard of this center,but am going to check it out. I have a very dear friend fighting Stage 3 Breast Cancer right now and may pass this info along to her.

    Blessings to you!